Equifest 2022 - Taupo


Date Title Description Type File type File size
30 Oct 2022 Final Results Summary Showjumping, Pony Club and Express Eventing. Results PDF 282.91 kB
29 Oct 2022 Draws for all SUNDAY classes - SJ, EVT & PC Draws are online as well. Please note, the Pony Club Teams competition draw will be finalised in the morning with the teams. Other PDF 233.14 kB
28 Oct 2022 Class 1 Open Horse 1.05m Course Plan Other PDF 423.28 kB
28 Oct 2022 Class 3 Open Horse 1.25m Course Plan Other PDF 428.08 kB
28 Oct 2022 Class 29 & 30 Open Pony & Horse Speed Other PDF 402.59 kB
28 Oct 2022 Draws for SJ on Saturday Draws are now up online or you can view as a PDF here. Other PDF 236.83 kB
28 Oct 2022 Class 10 - Open Pony - 1.15-1.20m Other PDF 435.04 kB
28 Oct 2022 TIMETABLE (approx) for SATURDAY SJ The course designers for both rings have provided a rough approximation of when they expect each class to start. No guarantees though so keep an eye out. Class Lists / Catalogue Unknown 121.76 kB
27 Oct 2022 Draws for SJ on Friday Draws are now up online or you can view as a PDF here. Please note that the jumping in the indoor arena must break every 40 riders or so for grooming, so take that into account. To view the class lists online in start order, click on the blue heading St No. All columns can be sorted. Plans are to have people livescoring in both rings so watch online. Class Lists / Catalogue PDF 181.93 kB
27 Oct 2022 Class 2 Open Horse 1.15m Course Plan Other PDF 443.11 kB
26 Oct 2022 Stabling Allocations - List by Customers Please note that yarding is very tight and if you missed out on what you ordered we will arrange a refund. There are some paddocks available if anyone would like. Other PDF 515.42 kB
17 Oct 2022 Equifest Taupō Jumping Schedule 2022 Jumping and Eventing Schedule - updated 4 Oct to reflect new sponsor for Eventing Challenge Schedule PDF 360.04 kB
16 Oct 2022 Equifest NZPCA Pony Club Teams Event Schedule PDF 60.71 kB
29 Sep 2022 Event Map Other PDF 478.52 kB
28 Sep 2022 Equifest Taupō Cowboy Challenge Schedule 2022 Schedule PDF 884.58 kB
28 Sep 2022 Equifest Taupō Mounted Games School Championship 2022 Equifest Taupō Mounted Games Association North Island Secondary and Intermediate School Championship 2022 Schedule PDF 644.94 kB
28 Sep 2022 Equifest Taupō Mounted Games North v South Teams Competition Schedule PDF 956.63 kB