Wairoa A&P Show & Wairoa ESNZ Jumping Show

314 - CHELEKEN STUD & ULTRAMOX Six Year Old Series (Article 238 1.1) 1.25M A1

Showjumping & Show Hunter
Class Number
Show Jumping
Farmers Air Ltd Ring 1
Start Date
18 Jan 2020
Graded (Yes/No)
Class Sponsor
Prize Money
$125, 125
Entry Fee

Entry lists displayed below may be incomplete because it only contain entries entered online and/or uploaded by the event administrator.

St No Bk No Name Name Pl Pts R1 F R1 T Qualify JO Notes JO F JO T
3 Beau Balou Kate Herdson 1 0
Hidden Gold Jesse Linton
1 Juneau SSNZ Kate Herdson
2 Snapchat Me Anna Parsons