Wairoa A&P Show & Wairoa ESNZ Jumping Show

306 - DAVE & SARAH MARTIN Horse .90 - 1.00 AM5 (Article 274 5.3) 2 Phase

Showjumping & Show Hunter
Class Number
Show Jumping
McCannics Ring 2
Start Date
17 Jan 2020
Graded (Yes/No)
Class Sponsor
Dave & Sarah Martin
Prize Money
$30, 25, 20, 15, 10, 10
Entry Fee

Entry lists displayed below may be incomplete because it only contain entries entered online and/or uploaded by the event administrator.

St No Bk No Name Name Pl Pts R1 F R1 T Qualify JO Notes JO F JO T
1 Abaddon TELR Claudia Thomas
2 Ballytruckle Dana Niamh West
3 Ballytruckle Rolls Niamh West
Cardrona Jeremy Giovannelli
4 Chrialka Hallowed Ciel butler
5 Darcy Dancer Tracy Mason
Dove NZPH Trudi Mitchell
6 Final Fling Sarah Grayson
7 Friar Tuck Nicole Kissling
8 Google NZPH Harvey Nelson
9 Hugo Grace parker 3 0
10 Indyscribable Nicole Kissling
11 Its Holly Graeme Isaacson
12 Kiwi Atom Julie Spence
Kiwi Atom Julie Spence
13 Kiwi Gina Ashley Hart
Loki Anna Richier
14 Majestic Masquerade Rosie White
15 Mangora Tahi Brenna Tait
17 McMillans Snapchat claire wilson
18 McMillans Warrant Tim Wilson
19 Merlin Charles Rau
20 Midway Okidoki Olivia Laing
Ngahiwi Redcliffs Vision Keira Page
Ocean Lady Rachel Nelson
21 Papiano MVNZ karen niederer
22 Prada Andrew McLennan 5 0
23 Rakau Champagne Jackpot Libby Fussell
Rata Raye Dimock 1 0
24 Red Keep Bridget Haliburton
25 Rewae Henry Bull 4 0
26 Saltaire Biscotti Sarah Frank
Showtym Black List Oliver Bevitt
Showtym Stardust Anais Gaude 2 0
Tabitha Loic Zitzman
27 Te Wae Wae Breeze Amanda McSporran
28 Tequila Rachel Martin
29 The Flying Orange Tattie Bayly
The Prospector Anna Rasmussen
30 Titanium Fraser Eddowes
31 Twinkle Fuatino Jahnke
Uptown Boy Brooke McEwan
32 Uptown Boy Brooke McEwan
Uptown Boy Brooke McEwan
Weiti Dannevirke Maxime Josse
33 Whisky Rose Caroline Richardson
elmo Kate Shaw